Exercise and its benefits

Exercise refers to any bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health.  Many people especially in the United States do not get enough of exercise. Exercise does not have be a chore nor does it have to be something very strenuous.

One can do light exercises such as walking, jogging or stretching. Exercise is very important and these are the following benefits of exercise:

Firstly, physical activity, particularly exercise training prevents obesity, by exercising one reduces fat, and stabilize concentrations lipids and balance hormones such as insulin and cytokines.

Furthermore, exercise can reduce anxiety and mental problems .For example, an experiment was performed with teenagers aged 15-17 of age; considered to have mental problems such as depression and anxiety, Study showed that those that engaged in physical activity such as running became calm and showed improvements from depression and anxiety this is because exercise triggers a kind of domino effect –starting with the release of chemicals that promote increased blood flow ,causing the brain to perform more efficiently in various ways.


In addition, the stronger one’s heart is, the more easily it pumps blood throughout the entire body. If your heart is weak, it has to work harder to provide you with fresh blood and oxygen.

Doing regular exercise also improves muscle strength and muscle endurance.Exercises such as resistance training for example, going to the store and carrying groceries into one’s house can improve muscle strength and it’s called endurance, so exercise increases endurance.

Furthermore, Bone health can also be improved with strength training since the muscles are attached to bones, so the stronger bones can pay off now and in the future-one is less likely to get injured when the bones are strong and increasing bone strength can help prevent osteoporosis as one ages, and good bone health can lead to increased and improved posture.

Exercise  is also known to cure Ms-(multiple sclerosis disease that affects the central nervous system in a way that the rate of neural conduction of electrical impulses in the patient decreases due to the damage to the neurons” myelin which ,in turn leads to a variety of symptoms and problems .Currently,over 1.3 million people are infected with MS ,globally



The significant impact of increased physical activity or structured exercise programs on blood pressure control has been consistently documented by a number of well-controlled studies. The general conclusion from these studies is that aerobic exercise training lowers blood pressure in individuals with stage 1 hypertension by 3.4 to 10.5 mm Hg for systolic blood pressure and 2.4 to 7.6 mm Hg for diastolic blood pressure. The magnitude of the reduction may be related to the initial level of blood pressure whereas the influences of age or gender are not clear

Most of the work regarding exercise-related blood pressure changes has been in individuals with mild to moderate hypertension. Little is known on the effects of exercise in individuals with stage 2 hypertension. In this regard, we studied the effects of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in male veterans with stage 2 hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy. After 16 weeks of regular exercise we noted significant reductions in blood pressure and left ventricular mass regression in these patients. At 32 weeks, blood pressure in the exercise group was still significantly lower from baseline even after a 33% reduction in antihypertensive medication. There were no blood pressure changes in the no-exercise group

Some studies suggest that low exercise intensity may be more effective in lowering blood pressure than high exercise intensity,. Others have noted that the favorable effects of training on blood pressure are not influenced or are only minimally influenced by exercise intensity, frequency, type, or duration . Overall, the evidence that the blood pressure response to regular exercise differs according to training intensity is not convincing . Information on the exercise-induced blood pressure changes over a 24-hour period (ambulatory blood pressure) is limited and blood pressure reduction is less dramatic than for blood pressure assessed from a single measurement (mean 3.0- and 3.2-mm Hg reductions for systolic and diastolic blood pressure, However, two studies reported similar reductions of approximately 5–7 mm Hg for systolic and diastolic blood pressure We also noted that daytime ambulatory blood pressure differences between fit and unfit prehypertensive men and women () were similar to the blood pressure changes reported after exercise training In The HARVEST trial, young hypertensive patients who engaged in physical activity for at least once a week during the previous two months exhibited significantly lower 24-hour and daytime diastolic blood pressure, than the inactive group Others reported no significant reduction in blood pressure [However, in one of the two studies [only nine patients were included and no control group was used.

Almost all of the information regarding exercise and blood pressure is derived from aerobic exercises. Information available on the effects of resistance or strength training on resting blood pressure is limited and conflicting. The conclusion of a recent meta-analysis was that the average systolic blood pressure reduction as a result of resistance training was 3 mm Hg. This is substantially less than that reported for endurance exercise Based on these findings, the recommendation of the American College of Sports Medicine is that resistance training may serve as an adjunct to an aerobic-based exercise program for blood pressure reduction [

Despite the limited favorable changes in blood pressure, strength training is associated with numerous other health benefits, including reducing the risk of falls by reversing or attenuating the age-related decline in bone mineral density, muscle mass, and power . Thus, according to the recommendations from the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine resistance exercise should be implemented as necessary.


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working girl


The movie exemplifies how women had to struggle in order to get promoted,hired or even listened to. I n the Early eighties men were still in charge and were hired because he is considered the head of the household,so the role of a woman in a managerial or a woman working in a mans territory was sort of a culture shock to men,

For example,in the movie,the girl has a lot of important things to do and say,but her boyfriend buys her a skimpy dress to show off her body and disregards what she says. Women had to struggle alot back then and even now due to gender discrimination in the work place.

The catcher in the Rye

The catcher in the Rye is  significant in today’s society because young troubled teenage male can relate to when they were transitioning to adulthood . Most  young teenage men had some trouble when they were growing up because they could not fit in with their colleagues ,and had trouble getting along with people in general,so even though it is written in 1951,It is possible to relate with the novel.

Radio Ways

Radio ways is about a little boy-The narrator , He tells a tale about  he grow up in Rockaway.He is addicted to radio and his parents especially his father do not encourage him because they think the radio is evil.They also want   him to be a math whiz kid like their friends son.  Radio, was the main source people got their information,but during this era,television was was about to be introduced because radio was about to be extinct.  The story also exemplifies how their neighbors were Jewish and always disturbed them with loud music. There was a reference to his parent’s favorite radio stations and his favorite stations as well. It was also during the world war 2 era .It was between the Germans and the United States. Radio ways is a very funny movie that described the lives of America during this era.

Reefer Madness

Reefer madness is a movie about the war on drugs. The movie exemplified the ways drugs affected the society and how students  were greatly affected by drugs . A Man that once a scholar was lured into drugs and could not perform his every day tasks such as being good at sports and his academic status.  Reefer madness is an old movie ,but the lessons learnt is that drugs only damage the society and should be frowned upon immersely.

Reading Response 1

Tiwa Akinfeleye

Eng .251

             Reading response 1

 Godey’s Ladies book

The writer Mrs. Hale was an early advocate of women’s rights. She wants better working conditions for women, and the reduction of child labor. The tone is a quiet, contemplative mood.

The didactic is to show respect to women and never underestimate the strength of women.

The values and ideas it represents to readers include morality and modesty.

The idea of queen Victoria wearing a white wedding dress. Wearing a white wedding dress shows purity and innocence of girlhood.